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Drone Disinfecting

How Do We Return To Normal Again?

As the fight continues and we strive to desperately slow down the novel Coronavirus . We will continue following the outlines given to us by the CDC as wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing.It's our human nature to be active, whether it's for personal well being or in our community, being socially engaged is needed for us to get back a piece of normality. As DV LLC stays committed to following all health and safety guidelines, we have a new, creative, and smart approach to help combat against Covid-19. Allow us to set up a detailed map and plan to fight this deadly virus by utilizing the most innovative and smartest technology available, while safely operating in any indoor or outdoor facilities to protect your friends, family, & customers.

Drone Disinfecting Services

The hard truth in all this, we can never expect to do the things big or small in the same manner as before the Coronavirus. This couldn't be more relevant as with the disinfecting applications moving today and soon outside of this pandemic.We know that this virus will be part of our world, and as with these types of viruses mutating strains can come from the cell, so being prepared before is best for all of us in the future. As we desperately need a vaccine, this shouldn't and won't stop us with new and smart technology procedures that will allow us all to re-open and stay OPEN! Utilizing our passion, experience, a large fleet of sUAV to maximize time being spent in labor cost, overages in material waste, and contactless spraying that allows us to spray with pressure gauging and nozzle that prevent drifting and allowing shorter dwell time on the surfaces/objects being sprayed. We can do a job up to 40-50 times faster, no human error but better yet safely from the ground and no contact wiping after.

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